2019-09-04 John Tsiombikasgeneralized pixel format handling in 3d pipeline master
2019-09-03 John Tsiombikasfoo
2019-09-03 John Tsiombikasinstmbr script from 256boss
2019-09-03 John Tsiombikasswitched to the 256boss-style disk image creation
2019-09-03 John Tsiombikascensus logo
2019-09-03 John Tsiombikasmoved over the polyfiller code and implemented blending
2019-09-02 John Tsiombikasadded logo eval, data, and cgmath
2019-09-02 John TsiombikasMerge branch 'master' of
2019-09-02 John Tsiombikasbackported more fixes from 256boss
2019-09-02 John Tsiombikasremoved more lfs files
2019-09-02 John Tsiombikasfoo
2019-09-02 John Tsiombikasbackported fixes from 256boss
2019-05-29 John Tsiombikas- moved the int86 code out of the 2nd stage boot loader...
2019-05-28 John TsiombikasMerge branch 'master' of
2019-05-28 John Tsiombikasbackported malloc fixes from 256boss, plus the addition...
2019-05-25 John Tsiombikasbackported fixes from 256boss:
2019-05-02 John Tsiombikasfixed bug in boot2.s: when booting from floppy, the...
2019-05-01 John Tsiombikasfixed bug in physical page allocator init: would mark...
2019-04-29 John Tsiombikasfixed: int86 failed to preserve returned flags (backpor...
2019-01-23 John Tsiombikasadded makefile rule to create bootable CDs and removed...
2019-01-23 John Tsiombikasfixed soundblaster output (DMA bug)
2018-06-09 John Tsiombikasremoved waiting for CTS in serial out and reinstated...
2018-06-07 John Tsiombikasthe serial output seems to hang one computer I tried...
2018-06-07 John Tsiombikasadded a bit more space after the PCI enumeration to...
2018-05-24 John Tsiombikascleaned up the irq/dma detect code
2018-05-24 John Tsiombikassound blaster code works, plus auto-detect IRQ/DMA...
2018-05-24 John Tsiombikasadding PCM file through LFS this time (hopefully)
2018-05-24 John Tsiombikasaccidentally commited a binary file without first enabl...
2018-05-24 John Tsiombikassound blaster code doesn't work yet
2018-05-24 John Tsiombikasstarted the sound blaster audio driver
2018-05-12 John Tsiombikastried to make ps/2 mouse work in "remote mode" (polling...
2018-05-10 John Tsiombikasadded PS/2 mouse code
2018-05-07 John Tsiombikaspci enumeration
2018-05-06 John Tsiombikasinit_pci
2018-05-03 John Tsiombikascomments in int86
2018-05-03 John Tsiombikasremoved leftover debug prints
2018-05-03 John Tsiombikasfixed int86 to return correctly from BIOS calls that...
2018-05-03 John Tsiombikasfixed VBE bugs
2018-05-02 John Tsiombikasvbe mode query
2018-05-02 John Tsiombikasfixed int86 not setting segment registers
2018-05-02 John Tsiombikasfoo
2018-05-02 John Tsiombikasinitial hasty attempt at porting over my VBE code
2018-04-30 John TsiombikasMerge pull request #1 from cherouvim/patch-1
2018-04-30 John Tsiombikasignore memory ranges above 4gb
2018-04-30 Ioannis Cherouvimtypo
2018-04-30 John Tsiombikashandling spurious interrupts correctly
2018-04-30 John Tsiombikasmalloc (untested)
2018-04-29 John Tsiombikasphysical page allocator
2018-04-29 John Tsiombikascomments
2018-04-29 John Tsiombikasmemory detection
2018-04-29 John TsiombikasMerge branch 'master' of
2018-04-29 John Tsiombikas- memory detection with BIOS 0x15/0xe820
2018-04-28 John Tsiombikasfixed memcpy
2018-04-28 John Tsiombikasmoving some standard library functions to assembly
2018-04-27 John Tsiombikaslogohack exit on escape
2018-04-27 John Tsiombikasint86 seems to work
2018-04-27 John Tsiombikasgeneralizing the 16bit interrupt hack to an arbitray...
2018-04-27 John Tsiombikasswitch video mode hack by dropping to real mode to...
2018-04-26 John Tsiombikasremoved "unimplemented" disclaimer from readme. It...
2018-04-26 John Tsiombikasadded copyright headers to new files
2018-04-26 John Tsiombikasfixed clear .bss code
2018-04-26 John Tsiombikasinterrupts, timer, keyboard, segments, lots of kernel...
2018-04-25 John Tsiombikasmain kernel startup, libc, console tty, asmops, build...
2018-04-24 John Tsiombikascommented out debug print of the first 32bits of each...
2018-04-24 John Tsiombikassecond stage boot loader now loads the main program
2018-04-24 John Tsiombikasdebugging loading full program in unreal mode
2018-04-21 John TsiombikasJust in case we started from a floppy, turn the motors...
2018-04-19 John TsiombikasFixed dobule-faults: the BIOS 13h calls enabled interru...
2018-04-18 John Tsiombikasprotected mode debugging
2018-04-15 John Tsiombikaspointless effect in boot2, just for fun
2018-04-15 John Tsiombikasprint_num clobbers eax, we need to reload _boot2_size...
2018-04-15 John Tsiombikassemi-colon in copyright header caused a termination...
2018-04-15 John Tsiombikasadded README and license
2018-04-15 John Tsiombikastesting git LFS (large file support), added binary...
2018-04-15 John Tsiombikasfixed USB booting issue
2018-04-14 John Tsiombikascleanup and getchs
2018-04-14 John Tsiombikasfixed partial loading bug
2018-04-11 John Tsiombikasmore debugging
2018-04-10 John Tsiombikasserial debugging in first stage loader
2018-04-10 John Tsiombikassecond stage loader loading semi-works
2018-04-09 John Tsiombikasworking on the boot loader
2018-04-08 John Tsiombikashacking the 1st stage loader
2018-04-07 John Tsiombikasinitial commit