2019-02-05 John Tsiombikasreorganized the soundblaster code a bit, adding support... master
2019-02-03 John Tsiombikasui cleanup
2019-02-03 John Tsiombikasfixed 16bit playback. DMA page reg expects the page...
2019-02-03 John Tsiombikassync with dos pc changes
2019-02-03 John Tsiombikassimplified dma.c and fixed write_mix prototype in au_sb.c
2019-02-02 John Tsiombikasfixed volume setting
2019-02-02 John Tsiombikascommandline argument for volume level
2019-02-02 John Tsiombikascleaned up the 16bit interrupt ack
2019-02-02 John Tsiombikasimplemented volume control, and restructured slightly
2019-02-01 John Tsiombikascontrols
2019-02-01 John Tsiombikasfixed by preloading samples. the audio callback is...
2019-01-31 John Tsiombikasadding DJGPP makefile
2019-01-31 John Tsiombikastry playback
2019-01-30 John Tsiombikasinitial commit