2019-12-14 John Tsiombikasfixed the physical to virtual translation issues with... dosrewrite
2019-12-13 John Tsiombikasinfcubes crashes
2019-12-10 John Tsiombikasremoved "trying to match" debug prints
2019-12-06 John Tsiombikasfixed div/0
2019-12-05 John Tsiombikasadded missing "modify" declarations in cdpmi.h inline...
2019-12-02 John Tsiombikaspass -d2 for proper debug symbols
2019-12-02 John Tsiombikasaccidentally removed the watcom makefile
2019-12-02 John Tsiombikasfoo
2019-12-02 John Tsiombikasthe rewrite branch builds, not tested yet
2019-11-18 John Tsiombikasadding the previous gfx.h file, will re-write the code
2019-11-15 John Tsiombikasmore vbe
2019-11-14 John Tsiombikassetmode, crtc, list of standard modes
2019-11-14 John Tsiombikasmore vbe
2019-11-12 John Tsiombikasstart writing new VBE routines
2019-11-12 John Tsiombikasdos backend partial rewrite starting with DPMI
2019-09-04 John Tsiombikasbackported g3d changes:
2019-09-04 John Tsiombikasfoo
2019-02-22 John Tsiombikaswtf did I write there?
2018-12-10 John Tsiombikasfixed all the makefiles to build with the new libanim
2018-12-10 John Tsiombikasadded libanim, and moved gph-cmath into libs/cgmath
2018-12-04 John Tsiombikas- fixed watcom build
2018-12-04 John Tsiombikasadded treestore and started a bit on the tilesets for...
2018-12-01 John Tsiombikastheoretically added texture matrices. untested.
2018-09-15 John Tsiombikasfixed bug introduced by the last bugfix
2018-09-15 John Tsiombikasfixed overdlow when calculating winding of large polygo...
2018-09-12 John Tsiombikasfixed hairball update and drawing
2018-09-11 John Tsiombikasadded spaceball on linux
2018-09-10 John Tsiombikasframerate limiter in hairball
2018-09-10 John Tsiombikashairball screen
2018-09-08 John Tsiombikasbackported fixes from rtxon
2018-08-30 John Tsiombikasbackported from rtxon: check_clip_poly (needed for...
2018-08-30 John Tsiombikasbackported fixes from rtxon: BSP tree construction...
2018-08-25 John TsiombikasMerge branch 'master' of goat:git/dosdemo
2018-08-25 John Tsiombikasfixed bug in meshload. it would always expect it's...
2018-03-25 John Tsiombikasstarting tile-maze
2018-03-25 John Tsiombikasseparated the smoke-text effect to reuse it in multiple...
2018-03-22 John Tsiombikasneed reorganization
2018-03-22 John Tsiombikasmore pipes
2018-03-22 John Tsiombikasprocedural generator for the steam tunnels part
2018-02-21 John Tsiombikasswitching polytest between zsorting and BSP for perform...
2018-02-19 John Tsiombikasfixed warnings
2018-02-19 John Tsiombikassimplified clip_poly and clip_frustum slightly
2018-02-19 John Tsiombikasforgot to implement mouse calls for djgpp. moved it...
2018-02-19 John Tsiombikasmajor bsp bugs fixed
2018-02-19 John TsiombikasI need to go deeper bsp
2018-02-19 John Tsiombikasadded OpenGL debug/test program
2018-02-18 John Tsiombikasdebugging the BSP
2018-02-18 John Tsiombikasbsp construction doesn't crash any more
2018-02-18 John TsiombikasBSP construction debugging
2018-02-18 John Tsiombikasstarted BSP tree
2018-02-17 John Tsiombikasadded specular offset parameters in gen_phong_tex
2018-02-17 John Tsiombikasenvmap, fake phong texture generation, and more
2018-02-17 John Tsiombikaswriting obj loader
2018-02-15 John Tsiombikasremoved redundant immediate mode draw_cube from infcubes
2018-02-15 John Tsiombikas- moved image rgb24->rgb16 conversion to gfxutil
2018-02-15 John Tsiombikas- added mesh operations: apply_mesh_xform, append_mesh...
2018-02-14 John Tsiombikas- separated mesh algorithms in mesh.h/mesh.c
2018-02-13 John Tsiombikasstarting infcubes part
2018-02-13 John Tsiombikas- added immediate mode drawing in 3dgfx
2018-02-12 John Tsiombikas- added optimization notes in readme
2018-02-11 John Tsiombikasadded perf_start/perf_end assembly macros
2018-02-10 John Tsiombikasattempt to use new mikmod for djgpp build
2018-02-10 John Tsiombikas- added rules for building asm code in the gcc makefiles
2018-02-10 John Tsiombikas- added blur in gfxutil
2018-02-09 John Tsiombikasadding fast blur function
2018-02-08 John Tsiombikaschanged the DJGPP makefiles to use different suffixes...
2018-02-08 John Tsiombikasfixed point drawing in 3dgfx and added new greets screen
2018-02-06 John Tsiombikasfixed mistake in the DJGPP version of dpmi_alloc
2018-02-06 John Tsiombikas- instructed gcc to emit only pentium1 instructions
2018-02-06 John Tsiombikasforgot to undef the debugging NOKEYB macro
2018-02-06 John Tsiombikasbuilds with djgpp but crashes
2018-02-04 John Tsiombikasadding polyclip.obj to the watcom makefile
2018-02-03 John Tsiombikasclipping bugs...
2018-02-02 John Tsiombikas- clipper debugging
2018-02-01 John Tsiombikasoptimized the metaballs slightly 3fps -> 5fps and fixed...
2016-10-20 Michael KargasStill not what I wanted to achieve, just wanted to...
2016-10-19 John Tsiombikasupdated vs project
2016-10-19 John Tsiombikasupdated the dos makefile
2016-10-19 John Tsiombikasmetaballs
2016-10-19 John TsiombikasMerge branch 'master' of goat:git/dosdemo
2016-10-19 John Tsiombikasadded serial spaceball support in the dos version....
2016-10-19 John Tsiombikasmetaballs effect
2016-10-17 Michael Georgoulopoulosmoving the vertices with a sine
2016-10-16 Michael GeorgoulopoulosFog and sorting
2016-10-16 Michael GeorgoulopoulosMany thunders from origin to random points on a rotatin...
2016-10-16 Michael GeorgoulopoulosOh no
2016-10-16 Michael GeorgoulopoulosRender thunder recursively
2016-10-15 Michael GeorgoulopoulosThunder... thunder... THUNDER SCREEN! HOOOOOOOOOOOOO
2016-10-15 Michael GeorgoulopoulosMerge branch 'master' of
2016-10-11 John Tsiombikasremoved the empty stop function from grise.c (I feel...
2016-10-10 Michael KargasNot exactly what I want to achieve here, just keeping...
2016-10-09 John Tsiombikasadded polygon clipper, not using it yet
2016-10-05 Michael Georgoulopoulosgitignore VS project user settings
2016-10-05 John Tsiombikasremoved drawFps from grise as it's now part of the...
2016-10-05 John TsiombikasMerge branch 'master' of goat:git/dosdemo
2016-10-05 John Tsiombikasmoved the drawFps call to the backends so it works...
2016-10-04 Michael GeorgoulopoulosMerge branch 'master' of
2016-10-04 Michael GeorgoulopoulosRemoved division in displacement inner loop
2016-10-04 John TsiombikasSDL backend set the mouse button bitmask incorrectly
2016-10-04 John Tsiombikasremoved empty stop functions from bump and plasma to...