2020-03-10 John Tsiombikasadded readme with data checkout instructions, and chang... master
2020-03-10 John Tsiombikasfixed menu blur
2020-03-10 John Tsiombikasmoving on
2020-03-09 John TsiombikasMMX
2020-03-09 John Tsiombikasfoo
2020-03-08 John Tsiombikasfps counter with rle sprites
2020-03-08 John Tsiombikasfixed RLEsprite bug
2020-03-08 John Tsiombikasmoving to RLE sprites instead of compiled sprites
2020-03-07 John Tsiombikascspr ?
2020-03-06 John Tsiombikasmenu
2020-03-06 John Tsiombikasfixed keyboard handler to translate extended scancodes
2020-03-06 John Tsiombikasfoo
2020-03-05 John Tsiombikasfixed imago 565, started on menu
2020-03-05 John Tsiombikasintro (logo for now) screen done
2020-03-05 John Tsiombikaslogo
2020-03-05 John Tsiombikasintro screen
2020-03-04 John Tsiombikasbroguht over the 3D pipeline from the demo
2020-03-04 John Tsiombikasfixed SDL backend
2020-03-04 John Tsiombikasfoo
2020-03-04 John Tsiombikasadded libimago
2020-03-03 John Tsiombikasfixed
2020-03-03 John Tsiombikasfucked it up again, need to sleep
2020-03-03 John Tsiombikasfallback to banked modes if LFB is not available
2020-03-03 John Tsiombikasfixed video mode bugs
2020-03-03 John Tsiombikasinitial commit