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2018-10-19 John TsiombikasREADME, Makefile, and license headers master
2018-10-19 John TsiombikasI think the matrix part is now usable
2018-10-13 John Tsiombikasfixed inverse and submatrix, now testing identical...
2018-10-11 John Tsiombikasadded test, comparing operation results using gph-math...
2018-10-05 John Tsiombikasin the middle of expanding the matrix operations
2018-10-02 John Tsiombikasfirst transformation matrix functions
2018-10-02 John Tsiombikasmore untested matrix function (inverse, cofactors,...
2018-10-01 John Tsiombikaschm_msubmatrix
2018-10-01 John Tsiombikasvec4, quat, and half-done matrices
2017-10-07 John Tsiombikasquaternions done
2017-08-30 John Tsiombikascgmath initial commit