descriptionvisor - text editor and text editor framework
ownerJohn Tsiombikas
last changeWed, 27 Nov 2019 15:51:29 +0000 (17:51 +0200)
2019-11-27 John Tsiombikasfoo master
2019-11-25 John Tsiombikasdon't crash with no buffers, and clear the screen on...
2019-11-25 John Tsiombikasfixed: tried to free mapped buffer, unmap if mapped...
2019-11-25 John Tsiombikassome progress with vi_redraw
2019-11-24 John Tsiombikasfoo
2019-11-23 John Tsiombikasfoo
2019-11-22 John Tsiombikasmoving fwd, very slowly
2019-11-21 John Tsiombikasfoo
2019-11-21 John Tsiombikasmoved terminal stuff to their own file
2019-11-21 John Tsiombikasstarting a rough editor program as a scaffold to test...
2019-11-18 John Tsiombikasin process of implementing add/split
2019-11-18 John Tsiombikashacking the spans
2019-11-18 John Tsiombikassplit and span mess
2019-11-17 John Tsiombikasreadme minor fix
2019-11-17 John Tsiombikasroot readme, directory structure, and copyright headers
2019-11-17 John Tsiombikasspan table
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