2017-05-16 John Tsiombikasexhibit manager progress
2017-05-06 John Tsiombikasfixed visual studio project
2017-05-03 John Tsiombikastried to make this work with msys2... it's not worth...
2017-02-24 John Tsiombikasforgot to add the new files
2017-02-24 John Tsiombikasdoesn't work
2017-01-10 John Tsiombikascubemap renderer progress (untested)
2017-01-09 John Tsiombikasstarted the renderer abstraction and the cubemap renderer
2017-01-05 John Tsiombikasfix_lightmap script
2017-01-03 John Tsiombikasstatic linking with vc runtime libs
2017-01-03 John Tsiombikasadded VR recenter
2017-01-03 John Tsiombikasusing SDL_WINDOWEVENT_SIZE_CHANGED for tracking window...
2017-01-02 John Tsiombikaswindows port
2016-12-26 John TsiombikasMerge branch 'master' of goat:git/laserbrain_demo
2016-12-26 John Tsiombikasscn->clear() can't be called from the load callback...
2016-12-25 John TsiombikasMerge branch 'master' of goat:git/laserbrain_demo
2016-12-25 John Tsiombikasadded shader class and unistate. not using shader class yet
2016-12-20 John Tsiombikaschanged the clear color to white, to show up through...
2016-12-17 John Tsiombikasadded strip_path in metascene
2016-12-11 John Tsiombikas- match mtledit blocks with material name not object...
2016-12-11 John Tsiombikasdon't crash when calling DataMap::lookup with an empty...
2016-12-10 John Tsiombikasblob texture was upside-down
2016-12-09 John Tsiombikasplaced the blobs on the empty stand
2016-12-08 John Tsiombikasadded the capability to crudely resize images by half...
2016-12-07 John Tsiombikasprepare_data script now accepts a filter argument to...
2016-12-06 John Tsiombikasadded a non-interactive blobs exhibit
2016-12-05 John Tsiombikasdata pipeline
2016-12-05 John Tsiombikasimplemented metascene spawn point/rot
2016-12-04 John Tsiombikasfixed background loading of both textures and scenes
2016-12-03 John Tsiombikasdatamap object passed around while loading
2016-12-02 John Tsiombikasbackground scene file loading introduces race condition...
2016-12-02 John TsiombikasMetaScene class
2016-12-01 John Tsiombikasseparated scene loading into IO and GL parts in prepara...
2016-12-01 John Tsiombikasfixed regression in the texture resource management
2016-11-29 John Tsiombikasmaterial editing in scene metafile
2016-11-18 John Tsiombikasremoved leftover debug printf
2016-11-18 John Tsiombikas- fixed retarded mouse
2016-11-17 John Tsiombikasproper gamepad control
2016-11-16 John Tsiombikasrudimentary gamepad controls
2016-11-15 John Tsiombikasfixed walk polygon rendering
2016-11-15 John Tsiombikas- shaders for both lightmapped objects with or without...
2016-11-15 John Tsiombikasmouse speed
2016-11-15 John Tsiombikasdo gamma correction on post if we don't have an sRGB...
2016-11-14 John TsiombikasVR mode
2016-11-14 John Tsiombikasfullscreen, mouse grab, stuff
2016-11-14 John Tsiombikasui notifications
2016-11-14 John Tsiombikasmetadata, walk polygons, stuff...
2016-11-13 John Tsiombikasmetascene initial implementation
2016-11-08 John Tsiombikasfixed bugs in the resource manager and removed the...
2016-11-02 John Tsiombikasinitial vc project
2016-11-02 John Tsiombikasproper scene graph
2016-11-01 John Tsiombikastextures, lightmaps, hardcoded texture hack for testing
2016-10-30 John Tsiombikasdatamap
2016-10-30 John Tsiombikasfoo
2016-10-29 John Tsiombikasassimp
2016-10-20 John Tsiombikasrefactoring
2016-10-11 John Tsiombikasadded TODO note
2016-10-11 John TsiombikasMerge branch 'master' of goat:git/antikythera
2016-10-11 John Tsiombikashurray the parser works
2016-10-11 John Tsiombikasadded func_coaxial
2016-10-11 John Tsiombikasparser sortof-works
2016-10-10 John Tsiombikaswriting the machine parser
2016-10-09 John Tsiombikasstarted the parser
2016-10-02 John Tsiombikasbuild on macos
2016-09-22 John Tsiombikasshadows, textures, resource managers... shaders...
2016-09-21 John Tsiombikas- added subgear linkage
2016-09-17 John Tsiombikasmove gears along their axis with the mousewheel
2016-09-17 John Tsiombikasdid I fix the meshing now?
2016-09-17 John Tsiombikasfixed co-planar meshing at arbitrary directions
2016-09-17 John Tsiombikasmeshing recaclulation on the fly, picking, whatever
2016-09-17 John Tsiombikaslazy meshing
2016-09-17 John Tsiombikasmeshing calculation for co-planar gears
2016-09-17 John Tsiombikasmultisampling and shit
2016-09-16 John Tsiombikasgears meshing, machines of gears, machines of MADNESS
2016-09-16 John Tsiombikasinitial commit, first gear